Saturday, March 27, 2010

"THE LAST SMILE" is a my special poem. Today the whole world shall be switching off all lights for an hour in an effort to conserve the Environment.


To mark this auspicious day and make a contribution to Environmental Conservation, Two Hours Before has posted the poem 'The Last Smile'

NOTE: This is an ORIGINAL work and reproduction in any media is STRICTLY PROHIBITED without prior permission from the Author, Mwangi S. Muthiora. Reproduction permission can be obtained from the author through: fafdays@gmail.com or +254 725 385 654. or his Attorneys on: luciandibs@gmail.com


Do not remind me of the last smile
That giggle
The tough laugh
Let me remind you of the danger ahead
Do not remind me of the yesterdays
When i delved in my innocence
Do not remind me of the gone purity

Do not remind me of my lost fortune
When you freely explored
My physical anatomy
When you smiled, laughed and giggled
All this time, licking my innocence
But you have finally made me a nuff

For centuries
I have restrained myself from madness
I want to go mad, i have to
I want to regain my smile
That you smilingly stole from me
Yet you still gives me a smile
A pretentious laugh

Your dirty breath has choked me
My lungs are now ruptured
And my skin scorched
And my hair? its also long gone
Smilingly you have proclaimed my extinct
Yet, giving me a last tough laugh

Look at my bald head
All my hair is gone
Smilingly you have chopped and chopped
A hair after the other
Leaving me as bald as the plains of Kalahari

Look at your cruel cruelty
Yet you give me a smile?
I will not let you lungula me again
I will roar, shout and wail
I will erupt, scorch you, and drown you

Its only then shall I feel contented
And then give you the last smile
Hosting your lifeless you
In the depth of my earthly faculties

The waters of El nino shall flood your grave
And the midday sun shall scorn your kids
Thats when I shall have a reason to smile
The last smile


Today, 28Th March 2010, the entire world shall observe an hour of nonessential lights off. This is an effort geared towards marking "The World Earth Day" Its expected that lights in major cities and towns across the world shall go off simultaneously and remain off for a record 1hour. While as the Governments across
the world have been desperately trying to cut down their green house gas emissions, touchable achievements are yet to be realized. By arresting and reversing the upward trend in greenhouse gas emissions that started in several countries 150 years ago, the Kyoto Protocol promises to move the international community one step closer to achieving the Convention’s ultimate objective of preventing "dangerous anthropogenic [man-made] interference with the climate system".

Simon Mwangi Muthiora
+254 725 385 654

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"THE DEATH OF MAKMENDE" is next. The "Makmendes Bug" has hit me; but mine is a different story, the "real Makmende" is a typical Kenyan politician.


His character was elusive
No one could understand him
Today he would look like an angel
Tomorrow an ugly devil
When hungry, he would chew anything
Indeed ‘everything’ within his able reach
But it’s when thirsty I feared him most!
Then, he would drink, and drink, and drink
Anything- everything
Funny enough, he had a liking
For the gravesides
This what made him vicious!

Makmende was good at times
He would listen and reason
May be it was pretence
When he promised heaven on earth,
he literally made it hell
Somehow, his name sneaked
Into the good books
Though albeit lies and pretences
He whispered detest, hate and death
But his roar was full of love, affection and purpose
Most of the times, he ‘roared’
He preferred a roar over a whisper!

Makmende loved women too
Or may be they loved him
His queer character was the bait
They flocked his threshold
He would be heard roaring love serenades
To the lucky ones he just roared love
And to the unlucky ones he whispered
Whispers of desperation and multiplication
Amazingly, he would just whisper
The ‘f’ word, and nine months later,
A small ‘kakimende junior’ would sprout
Probably to guarantee continuation
Of the ‘great’ Makmendes dynasty!

Makmende was a queer man
Severally, he had stolen a neighbor’s cow
He had learned the tricks
He would milk it and invite his neighbour
For a cup of tea.
He stole everything,
Cows, goats, donkeys, votes, knives and even wives
Each time he stole votes and knives,
There would be reprisals

Makmende is arguably a bad person
He killed his spare-wheel
After the death of his love
Occasioned by his love for sweet lungula

His death is now a mystery
Some says it was the ‘dear maize cob’
He minced the grains
One after the other
He chewed; relaxing on the cosy ‘lazy boy’
After-all he had no bills to pay
This a real ‘f’ deal!
He had made yet another catch
From his naïve victims
Then came the shouts, and he roared back
“I better die, than resign”
That’s the closest he came to death

Makmende it’s said got choked
Maize grains stuck in the wind pipe
He staggered out of the ‘Royco Place’
To the Triton oil pump just across the road
As usual he drunk, and drunk, and drunk
Makmende then remembered the story
‘Highway To Sacharngwani’
And a fireball exploded in his belly

That’s when he started writing his ‘will’
To avert reprisals in his death
Son after the other got their share
From the shores of Indian Ocean,
To the water pillars of the great Mau
From the plains of Taveta hills
To the floor of Mt Kenya

Surprisingly, Makmende reserved his last catch;
The graveyards of Kitengela
That he and members of his ‘great’ dynasty
Shall lay in pieces! And find solace after
Leaving a trail of destruction

His short epitaph continues to tell the lie
“Your Super hero’s super hero”
Makmende, ‘Just A Brand’

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You can contact the Author on: fafdays@gmail.com or call: +254 725 385 654
All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"THE UNTOLD STORY" A story about birth and death, wails and laughters, the truly untold story, set in illusion.


The untold story
The story of the past
The story of today
The story of tomorrow
The story about a story- untold

This story has no plot
Neither does it has characters
Its characters have no characteristics
Their characters already dead
It’s a utopic story.

It’s a story about everything
The story tells us nothing
No one likes telling the story
But everybody listens to it.

It’s not written anywhere
It has no narrator
Nobody knows its origin
The only story that makes one laugh
And cry at the same time

Its prologue is unending
Just like its epilogue
It’s a story about many stories
Stories about other stories

It talks about birth
It talks about death too
It’s the story about the righteous
It’s a story about the wicked

The only story about the
Past, today and tomorrow
It’s the story that compares men to beasts

This is the story about the unknown
It talks about America, China, and North Korea
The story is strange
It even mentions Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Israel
It idolizes Wall Street

However, the story is shy
It is the only story that misses the word Dafur
The story does not talk about Zimbambwe
Nor does it mention DRC

It’s about rape- fathers raping their daughters
Mothers fornicating with their sons
It’s a strange story
Where characters abuse human dignity
It’s the story that compares the incomparable

The story is set in unknown country
A wonder country
Where true stories are told in whispers
They are not written
Nor sang or narrated- only in whispers
It’s a story of sorrow
A story of bewilderment
Set in illusion

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in part or full is strictly prohibited. Simon Mwangi Muthiora.
THIS POEM IS A WORK OF FICTION, CHARACTERS AND PLOT IS ALL SET IN ILLUSION. CONTACT THE AUTHOR ON: fafdays@gmail.com or http://twohoursbefore.blogspot.com

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"WHO AM I" is a special one for the only woman in my life.


Who do they say I am?
In the vast savanna
They call me daughter of the sands
The beleaguered woman
The shelter maker

Who do they say I am?
At the coast, I have several names
Saumu, Fatima, Harsia…..
Daughter of the deep seas
The mummy water; others quip
Who am I?
The beleaguered woman
The pilau cook

Akinyi yoo
Akoko yoo, Atieno yoo
Daughter of the fishes
They say my omena is the best
And you, whom do you think I am?
Have you ever seen me dancing?
Off course not to those silly instruments
Not at all
Dancing to the tunes of otutu
Daughter of Ramogi
The beleaguered woman

Irio is my favorite
I also make good matoke!
Many a man fears me
“She is the money manic; the gold-digger?”
Wanjiku, Gaceri, Waithera
All are my names
The beleaguered woman
Pillar of Mt. Kenya

Kitu cha mtongoea
What does this mean?
Others say I am the daughter of the salty waters
The face of the vast plains
The hip buster
Others call me a witch
I am not one,
I am a bed wizard
Look at my curves- my bait
The beleaguered woman
The bed icon


This is an original work by Mwangi S. Muthiora.