Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"THE UNTOLD STORY" A story about birth and death, wails and laughters, the truly untold story, set in illusion.


The untold story
The story of the past
The story of today
The story of tomorrow
The story about a story- untold

This story has no plot
Neither does it has characters
Its characters have no characteristics
Their characters already dead
It’s a utopic story.

It’s a story about everything
The story tells us nothing
No one likes telling the story
But everybody listens to it.

It’s not written anywhere
It has no narrator
Nobody knows its origin
The only story that makes one laugh
And cry at the same time

Its prologue is unending
Just like its epilogue
It’s a story about many stories
Stories about other stories

It talks about birth
It talks about death too
It’s the story about the righteous
It’s a story about the wicked

The only story about the
Past, today and tomorrow
It’s the story that compares men to beasts

This is the story about the unknown
It talks about America, China, and North Korea
The story is strange
It even mentions Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Israel
It idolizes Wall Street

However, the story is shy
It is the only story that misses the word Dafur
The story does not talk about Zimbambwe
Nor does it mention DRC

It’s about rape- fathers raping their daughters
Mothers fornicating with their sons
It’s a strange story
Where characters abuse human dignity
It’s the story that compares the incomparable

The story is set in unknown country
A wonder country
Where true stories are told in whispers
They are not written
Nor sang or narrated- only in whispers
It’s a story of sorrow
A story of bewilderment
Set in illusion

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in part or full is strictly prohibited. Simon Mwangi Muthiora.
THIS POEM IS A WORK OF FICTION, CHARACTERS AND PLOT IS ALL SET IN ILLUSION. CONTACT THE AUTHOR ON: fafdays@gmail.com or http://twohoursbefore.blogspot.com


  1. found it..


  2. i remembered that blog when i read your post.

    and again, nicely written.

  3. ..the story is shy, very shy....but two hours before has let us know!


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