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Mines & Mind Fields- My Spoken Words, By one of Kenya's top poet Njeri Wangari

Mines & Mind Fields- My Spoken Words,

On 16th June 2010, I received an extraordinary text message from one of Kenya's newest poetry sensation,Njeri Wangari, She was inviting me to the launch of her first poetry collection book, Mines & Mind Fields- My Spoken Words, published in Canada by Nsemia Inc. International Publishers. Though Kenyanpoet, as she is popularly known, had inspired me to start my own blog, I did not expect the author to mention me in her book especially alongside the reputable Daily Nation- Kenya's Leading Newspaper. I had learned about her blog from the DN several years ago and despite the fact that we have never meet in person, we developed a strong bond online. It was a very big surprise when I learned that my blog Two Hours Before and I were appearing on the jacket of this pulsating publication.

Going back to Mines & Mind Fields, I can only term this book as a gem in my home library. Njeri Wangari has captured both the mind and the soul of any poetry enthusiast who is by any standards looking for realism. Her work consists of a wide range of sounds and styles; free verse, traditional verse, narrative, lyric, dramatic and even experimental. In 'Maisha Ya Hawker- Life Of A Hawker', she has exhibited a very powerful voice in both style and content. In this piece of work, she focuses on the reflective power of word to inform the public and create awareness about significant issues, like police brutality, unemployment, class struggle etc, through frequently meaningful observations and vastly different poetic style.

One of the traits that makes Njeri Wangari(N.W) collection unique, is her range of themes and her use of very simple and coherent style, unlike the typical poetry of 'yester' years. Whileas all art is meant to be appreciated, the real beauty of this poetry collection is its inspiration. In some ways, all of us can relate to the topics and themes expressed in these poems which address important and often timely issues that we might otherwise ignore or suppress. In 'Fire She Said' the author captures news breaking in a very simple way. This poem conveys its own message, and provides a vehicle of expression for diverse attitudes and fresh insights.

This book appeals to a broad spectrum of poetry lovers, and forms a strong and intimate bond with any adventurous reader. From the poem '10th Daughter Of Mumbi' to Digital Hearts....Mines & Mind Fields, is just but a good read.

Mines & Mind Fields- My Spoken Words by Njeri Wangari is available in all leading bookshop in the country.

Njeri is a multi talented Kenyan poet and performer, IT specialist and Art Blogger at Kenyapoet.
The 114 paged book contains over 40 poems that explore themes on Urban Blues, Love, Identity, Traditions, Cultural changes, Exploitation and Politics among others. Njeri’s poems are mainly in English with a few in Kiswahili, Sheng and in Gĩkũyũ, making it an appealing mix to wide audiences.

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Nsemia Inc. Publishers Ltd.
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Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 5L2; Tel: 1-888-587-1150
Email: info @ nsemia.com.

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  1. i havent met Njeri but i believe her work is extra special.....am glad that the art of writting is being recognized as smthin imprtant. Kudos to her as well as you.

  2. thenx Polly for always keeping it Two Hours Before


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