Thursday, August 4, 2011

"I WALKED THE PATH" - R.I.P VINNY KANYONYA, The world loved you, we shall always miss you. They killed u, but not your spirit, you lives on

A few weeks ago Vincent Bara Kanyonya(Pictured), woke up as usual, but the 27yrs old young man didn’t know that his bright future was fast shutting down. Weeks of gluing such of Vinny lead to discovery of his remains half buried at an abandoned homestead in Ndumberi, off Kiambu road. This is after he was reportedly kidnapped in Nairobi by people asking for a huge ransom. Vinny was my schoolmate for 3yrs at Kanunga High School. We shared a dormitory and one thing that strongly stood out about him was his passion for life and an interesting jovial and witty attitude. When we left school, he hardly changed; happy, smiling, joking and laughing. It’s the manner in which his captors killed him that really hurts anyone who knew this young man. Why such cruelty?

I solely dedicate this poem to the family of Vinny Kanyonya-Pictured, to his friends, those who knew him in person and those who are hearing about him for the first time. He was a jovial, cheerful young man and he never truly deserved to die such a painful death. By sharing this poem with family & friends, we are signing personal petitions to end violence deaths of young men & women. Vinny’s death in cold blood is sincerely unquantifiable. It’s a loose that will live in our hearts for soo long, but I ask why? Should we just sit and watch a few characters steal our destiny and hope through the bitter path? Let us be vigilant.


Lonely and full of tears,
Along the way-
I cast my eyes wide n’ afar,
I listened with my ears,
As my mouth gaped for air
With anguish and desperation
Waiting for any forthcoming hope

In my mind,
It was all spirals,
N’ desperation, n’
At one time, I wondered
Is this me?

It’s a bitter path
Waiting for hope
It’s a path that no one else-
Should ever follow
Waiting for hope

Along the way,
I would hear the whispers
Of my captors,
Eating my soul
I would feel the cloud of desperation
Holding heavy above me
My blurred eyes would see nothing
Other than nagging darkness

And I would ask why

In all this darkness & confusion
I still hoped, that
This suffering would halt
I hoped, I would see the light
At the end of the tunnel

The pain in my heart
Surpassed my will to live
I wanted to see tomorrow
To smile again,
To laugh again &
Joke again
But I couldn’t
It was a journey of pain
And suffering

I wondered,
Where my friends were
And wondered, if they were thinking about me
I would look at the captors
And wonder if they would know
The pain in my heart

In my imagination
I would see the agony
In my mother
My dad, brothers & sisters
I would see my friends
Suffer silently,
But I was still helpless
Held captive, grasping on the straws of life

Now I am gone
It happened too first
I wanted to live longer
Smile further,
Joke further & have fun
But I am now gone.

Mom, Dad, Brothers & Sisters
Weep no more
There is a next time, and we gonna meet
The dark path has come to an end
And am now in my sleep
It is painful & unbelievable but you have to bear
Because I am now gone

In your dreams;
Dream about my laughter
Dream about my jokes
Dream about my dreams
But never dream about the bitter path
Smile to me as if am still living
Joke to my old jokes
And give stories as if I am narrating them
Because I am just gone to sleep
In the next room
And when your time comes
We shall meet again
Joke again, smile again & dream again
For I am gone

I loved you all
Many of you loved me
But I am gone
Have peace of mind
Dream again & be cheerful
Happiness shall soon be with you again.

We loved you bro, it is sad to see this world being cruel to such a darling, cheerful, ambitious & jovial young man as you were. Your smile will forever remain in our hearts. You never left this world a looser- you have won the hearts of many, and may the perpetrators of this heinous act see the light of the day. That it may dawn on them that, it should not have been that way. They may have succeeded to kill you, but your DREAMS & ASPIRATIONS shall forever live in us. We shall be what you wanted to be, be where you wanted to be, and be passionate about life just the way you were. R.I.P

Author & Poet
Two Hours Before


  1. So sad!
    RIP Vincent!
    Thanks for the beautiful poem!

  2. So touching...What a dedication! May you rest in peace, Vin.

  3. Only if i knew, i should have let your drank ass talk more on ma birth day.We stand strong when tested and sure you never died coz heroes DONT. Love rest in peace baby boy.


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