Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Sunday people did not offer well,
Last sunday it was better.
But following today's offertory something hat to be done,
We're to come up with a strategy, no more money.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the strategy, we are going to organise fundraising. To build our pastor a house.
Also he offer a car, a big car for a man of cloth.
Only people who can give something substantial should be invited.

Yes it worked.
The pastor is happy now, he said its ok,
But shhh....
We are going to leave this place, soonest possible before they start doubting.
The pastor left last night,
With his share ofcourse!

Praise God!
Am Pastor John.... Amen?!
Good, God's good. He sent of to this place
To deliver you from this world's wickedness,

(after the sermon)
Hey mama Tepei, praise God, we're finally gotten a pastor- its a dream come true,
Allelujah mama Carol- A good looking pastor
God has answered our us
God bless our pastor
Sure mama Carol, God's good
Lets hope in stays.

(after a few weeks at night)

A knock.......
Come in.....
Oh praise God mama Tepei,
how are you doing?
You know as your pastor I feel i should
drop anytime time of the day and see how you are doing
Praise God pastor, an gle you came, make yourself comfortable. You know my husband died a long time ago and my daughter Tepei just married...
Haiya let of prepare a cup of tea for you-
why an i telling you all this pastor?
Dont you worry sister, God had a plan, would yo mind coming closer to......

(5months lator)

My sister mama Tepei.. Are you sure you are ok?
Your stomack looks larger
infact i could not recognise you.
Foot worry about me mama Carol, am going to tell you the truth.
Our pastor came to my house- you know how irresistible he is- i laid him!
Good grief!

We've a problem- we sent pastor John to Maasai land- and from rumours he is set to become a father! What do we do?
Well i have an idea, lets call him. Tell him to leave Maasai land immediatelly,
probably after the SERVICE!
With the offertory too!

Mama Tepei, i say the pastor leaving today
He was carried away in a black Mercedes
I think he was not a man of God.
I also thinks so mama Carol.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Got any thing yo want us to think about? This is the place to do it.


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