Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi everyone. Welcome to your favourite Blog Spot. This is my first posting on this Blog. Many of you would as WHAT I WAS THINKING TWO HOURS BEFORE starting this Blog. Now i want us to think together. I found myself contemplating about a few things that i feels strongly are of significance impact on all of us.

Suppose a GRAVIOUS disaster was to take place in TWO HOURS TIME? What would go through your mind as you watch what used to be your home, school, college, workplace, place of worship, CHANGE and probably change forever.

Imagine what frenzy would engulf Africa and possibly other parts of the world if US Democratic candidate BALACK OBAMA WON the White House race. How would the world behave If Obama was shot dead TWO HOURS BEFORE he steps into the Oval Office.

What would happen if Two Hours from now Zimbambwean President Robert Mugabe decided to step down for Morgan Tsangirai.

What could have occured few hours before 9/11?

How about

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