Saturday, October 17, 2009

"APPEAR TONIGHT" is a poem about wife inheritance. A practice as old as time, it remains deep rooted in our society! But we can all say no, TONIGHT.


Oh my poor man
Man of a woman
Son of a woman
Did you have to leave?
At one million hour
When I needed you most?

A son was not all I wanted
One was not enough
Three or four would have been better

Could you be watching this?
Your lustful brothers
Your cruel mother
Oh! I hope I left instead

I remember those days
When we soiled and toiled together
Remember the ever dying promises
Promises of a prince to a princess
The kisses
All those adventures,
Now gone and washed away

The moment you shut down,
A part of me went under
It went with you
I hardly live again

Why did you have to go?
Was it natural?
Could your mother have a hand in this?
Probably she is the bad omen

Your splendid smile
Is still fresh in my mind
My body is nostalgic
Missing the golden touch
Warming the loins and
Illuminating my womanly faculties
Were you here tonight…?

To share my wet dreams
Did you see him force me?
Please forgive me my dear
They forced me
Threatened me with eviction
If I declined!
I am sorry I lay him, I know you saw that
But I had to, or else your sons would loose
The land would go
And ‘home’ is no better, my brothers are no better
Neither is dad any good!

Your lustful brother has made me swell
Is this the way to sorry a widow?
Lay her night long?
It’s him to blame, eating from your plate.
This could never have happened, if you were around

I miss your smile
You would be cheering me up
Please cheer me tonight
Let me see beyond
Let me feel you
Only for tonight
Creep below my blankets
And warm my loins
Creep deep in, and
End my thirst, the thirst of a widow
It is only you who will know how!

Before they retires to bed
I don’t know who will be the man tonight
But, feel me before ‘he’ comes
I want you one last time
Touch me
Appear tonight
For a night

This a special one to all Inherited Women in Kenya and other parts of Africa. This practice is as old as the Bible yet women continue to suffer silently. Besides been inherited this women are battered and treated like deities by preying male who use them as sex tools.



  1. its almost like u the persona....its so real, disturbingly so!

  2. OMG,,Simoh where do u shop this photos from,,this one is really scaring.
    Its such an ugly scene where women suffer behind the dark cloud,,
    So inhuman why do we have an evil society to such an extent.God have mercy on women.

  3. @ Sami- Congrats at last you can comment. Thanks for joining my blog and leaving a cool comment. Wife inheritance and battering is such an ivil thing that still eats a woman's pride. i will keep you updated on my postings on other networks.

    @ Nimoh- I never thought we would get this far, but i thank God he let this happen between us. Well, It is the biggest gift you have ever given to me. reading and commenting on close to all of my postings. I still hold you dearly. Thanks.For the pictures i have a nose for the right pictures for my poems. i read so many websites and in the process get this images.

  4. Just lyk nimoh, i will ask u the same question,hizo picha unatoa wapi? Thanks, for letting us know wat is happening behind closed doors. Yes is culture but some are too harsh.Inheritance should be illegal coz its disgustin!!!!!! Personaly, i can neva be inherited, i rather abstain from sex foreva!!!!


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