Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He was young at the time of his death, but his strong Will & Love was enomous. Simon Kamatu, your typical young saint, "My Tribute To Simon"



I doubt you will read this
I hope you will anyway.
It hurts to think about you
Atleast not now

How much I wish you are on a short journey
Oh, how much I wish you are just somewhere
Smiling as you always did.

Simon, my pen is refusing to write
Its innocence is open
My mind is refusing to think
My guilt is open
This paper is refusing to bear you
Its innocence is open

Why did this happen to you?
At that tender age!

When you lived
Very few people cared, just a few
Many didn’t bother.
Very few
Wanted to be with you,
To know you,
To help you,
To feed you,
To listen to you,
Or even to think about you.

You were always jovial,
In an empty stomach
You smiled
In torn shirts and shorts
You laughed
When no one showed love
You simply praised God.
What a heart!

Now that you are with us no more
We are all crying our hearts out.
Our eyes are swollen
A true sign of guilt
And even pretence

Wish we loved you when you lived
Wish we made you laugh
Wish we smiled together
Wish we appreciated you
Wish you would live again.

Simon, all and sundry gave eulogies
But they were all regretful

Your love for the world was not in vain
It was the best lesson for us all
That the ‘will’ is bigger than people, years, and it
Can conquer this world.

As we celebrate you Simon,
We just make one request…..
That we are all guilty,
Fill our hearts with joy again
And heal this cancer
That has eroded and eaten away
The Love of our hearts!

Simon Kamatu was my cousin and he died young. He had the spirit and will of a real gentleman.

All rights reserved. Simon Mwangi Muthiora


  1. Lovely tribute to Simon, sad though, but fitting. The fragility of life scares me sumtyms.

  2. Thanks for sharing this (nice) tribute; it goes straight to the bone, makes me think of life's uncertainty, and how I need to appreciate those in my life, lest I regret in the event of....
    So real

  3. Oh thanks for reminding my sense to be appreciative in life at a time, As i merely know not of the next,happening.
    Its so sad u lost him at such an early age,
    and it scares me to think of life at times and the uncertain surprises it has for us.
    Thanks again simoh thats very kind of u!

  4. am so sorry dea its very sad to loose the one u love most and the one with bright future in his/her eyes bt God will replace the gap left.be strong n u deserve blessings coz appreciating the little time spent by little king.

  5. Its such a sorry demise. Life too short at time and its upon us to reflect on each an every day we live! The moments we share with friends and family are realy precious but many of us realize it after loosing such close family members.

  6. when we have the life, we should thank God for the gift.....we also say thank the lord for the few days we lived with symon........


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