Monday, October 26, 2009

"WHO AM I" came into my mind when I came across a batterd Woman and I wondered howmuch we appreciate our DAUGHTERS, WIVES, SISTERS and MOTHERS.......!


Who do they say I am?
In the vast savanna
They call me daughter of the sands
The beleaguered woman
The shelter maker

Who do they say I am?
At the coast, I have several names
Saumu, Fatima, Harsia…..
Daughter of the deep seas
The mummy water; others quip
Who am I?
The beleaguered woman
The pilau cook

Akinyi yoo
Akoko yoo, Atieno yoo
Daughter of the fishes
They say my omena is the best
And you, who do you think I am?
Have you ever seen me dancing?
Off course not to those silly instruments
Not at all
Dancing to the tunes of otutu
Daughter of Ramogi
The beleaguered woman

Irio is my favorite
I also make good matoke!
Many a man fears me
“She is the money manic; the gold-digger?”
Wanjiku, Gaceri, Waithera
All are my names
The beleaguered woman
Pillar of Mt. Kenya

Kitu cha mtongoea
What does this mean?
Kitu gain hii
Others say I am the daughter of the salty waters
The face of the vast plains
The hip buster
Others call me a witch
I am not one,
I am a bed wizard

SPECIAL ONE FOR THE WOMAN WHO BORE ME; PURITY MUGURE, "You are such a darling to me. Despite those very ugly episodes in your life. I attest to the fact that you are the greatest Woman i have ever known. I love you!

"This post will never be complete without the rare mention of WAIRIMU KAIYEHE; You make me proud baibe. I have never known any better way of appreciating our love. But one day i am certain we shall kill the distance. You are special too"


  1. Thanks Simoh,,,Am just dumb God Bless You .A woman is Someone who is strong emotionally and mentally Someone who has tolerance understanding compassion and honesty.God made her Fragile Yet Un-brakable the only mistake she does is ,,she forgets her worth!!!

  2. @Nimoh; you just prove your worth. Thanx

  3. Has anyone ever told you that you are super intense?

  4. @Liam: I am intense? Really? Well, i think am just a good communicator; i let you know what is in my mind and somehow carry your mind with me. Anyway, thanks always for having time to stop by and leave a comment. Thanks again Liam.

  5. You're welcome. What I meant by intense is that you care passionately about things and people.

  6. In your, mind theres something unique, something that is so special of which only 2% of men appreciate it. Thanks for making women feel appreciated, loved and for telling the world their worth. As for madam Purity, she is da luckiest woman of all.....she bore u.
    Kaiyehe, the blog's first lady is just so smart.

  7. I can't believe I just discovered your blog. I love this poem especially,
    thanks for reading my work.


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