Monday, August 24, 2009

The Dream of a Loving Father still elusive to many of us. This taught me the art of Loving my Mother. Anyway you have a loving daddy? You are Lucky!


Dear dad,
I don’t know what you will
Say about this,
But, I have to let you know

One: I am not dubious
You sired me- certainly
You did.
Mom can’t lie, nor cheat!
However this fact has been put to
A test,
Moreover, am not alone, we are many of us
From your own blood

It hurts to write this down,
You don’t seem to be my dad
Despite the fact that I resembles you

Dad- Father, you know…..
I detest you!
I hate you!
You did it first
The distance between the two of us
Is enormous, its growing each day
Why are you this mean?
Why is your heart this rotten?
Where did you get this cancer from?

Remember this;
When you beat my love
The many times she cried because of you
How your mistresses scolded her
They did it the way you do it.
Dad- a man called dad, recall all this,
Your brutality to innocent souls
You see why I hate you dad?
You are ballooning each day

Dad I don’t like you to say the least
I will always do
The more you hate my love
The more I hate you

I know you don’t care
But the world cares
I will tell the world
What you are,
What you breaths and what you smells
Brutality and bitterness

Had my mom not met you,
She would be happy today
But you mean misery to her
I know non of my sisters and
Brothers would dare tell this
But, certainly they don’t like you.
Just like the way you detests each of them-me

Why did I resemble you?
Fate, who is to blame?

I like several things about you
Your smile- dry!
Big shoulders
Intellect and academia
But not your heart
Black as coal
And that is my greatest worry
That my love sees’ you in me
And you know what that means

Finally, am giving the world
A copy of this letter
Because I know you care not
Not because I cares either,
But, so that they can get to
Read your epitaph- His Hate Killed His Love
No one will come to bury you
But you’re loving family.
Your loving son,


  1. For a long time i have not had the opportunity to reexamine myself and do a stock taking to myself. when i first read this poem? i was torn between crying out loud or just sit and see what the world would say about it. Its very true that most of us have never had the opportunity to call their fathers daddy but had to put up with a vicious man called DAD.

    Been a victim of a fierce father, i find this poem the best words to tell the man who means more miserly to me than harm.

    I have never really mastered the courage to love this man leave alone to call him Daddy.

    Thou i hardly wanted to hate him, i regret that he really let me hate him this much. I respect the little or much he has done to me but the few or many times he hurt me still linger in my mind.

    i have found this poem by Simon Mwangi Muthiora the best consolation to me as i focus to life with or without this man many call Daddy. I may have little in terms of material possesions but my dignity and love for humanity will never at anyone time let me forget my child hood. Kudos Simon Mwangi Muthiiora for your intrusive piece that reminds us of our Background

    Keep it up.

  2. kudos. i like your poetry and sense of humor...

  3. yeah, the joy of calling samwan a Dad is still a nytmare to many.We grew up wen our fathers kept a distance from our luv.U hav been so cool to think abt those who hav neva gotten a smile frm their so called Dads.....Kudos......am lucky D

  4. Kamaazengi DC MarengaNovember 3, 2009 at 7:29 AM

    Bravo! Poet on Bro, eye can relate to this and all eye say is wow! thats a mighty pen you holdin!!!


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