Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last week I posted a very interesting poem- Letter To My father, The response has been overwhilming. So is it in a Mans' Gene? Enjoy the Dying Hobo


Hoary hoary
Slave of vision
So much dreamt of
Today a total hokum
Brain arching with
Honet sting of regrets
Doom is inevitable

Outlandishly you lived
Mistresses haunch always your hassock
You were study and hoity toity
Today womby and despondent
You have no place for haven
Nor a shade for rest

Cirrhosis an enemy
Inextricable though
A cryptography too complex
you cant not decipher or stop either
Your youth totally wasted
leaving a lean future for you

Hoary and helpless
Waiting for cirrhosis throes
feasting on honeydew
your last option
and absolute resort

A would be successful pundit
is now reduced to a dying hobo!

All Rights Reserved. Last week i posted a poem titled Letter to My Father. I was very glad to read your responses. One reader asked me in my email inbox: fafdays@gmail.com What genes are men made of? Well i must admit it was a tough question.
This made me remember a poem i wrote sometimes in 2002. A Hazy Tomorrow that you have just read. So is it in a mans gene to drink, stray, smoke and all that women use to refer to 'a failed man?' Ok, that is a topic for another day.

I read todays daily nation and I felt the zeal to watch 43rd Tribe of Kenya. The talking point really moved me......! "A fat man has an ass! 2. My Daddy is fat...... Well for anyone who is having a kid in the lower primary, you must read the Talking Point on todays DN 30-08-09

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