Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don’t know what these are
Knowns unknown
That our society knows
It don’t know
I don’t know whether the
Society knows it does not know
I guess it doesn’t know it knows.

The best thing is that
We all knows something
At least a thing-that there are
Many unknown knowns
That we ought to know
Those unknown to us
Are known to others who we
Know or are unknown to us

There are a few however
Known who knows the unknown
They pretends they don’t know
But we are obviously know they know
Many of the things unknown to us

The few who knows, fears that
Should we know what we don’t?
And is known to them, we shall be equal.
The unkown knowns by those who don’t know,
They know not, will be known to all.

Someone knows how general Kimathi died
It’s known! By those who knew he would die.
Someone knows who shot Pinto Gama
He is unknown to many because he
Died when he was about to be known
He was known better to those who knew him,
Today, this great Sun of Africa is no more
Someone knows why- or better!

J. M. Kariuki followed, his, a different story.
A great known!
He was well known, his is a known case
Those who don’t know should know
From those who knew about this known.

Before long, another known
Tom Mboya, unknown happened to him
Unknown to many of us, he
Knew a lot about us and the unknowns
Knowingly he was eliminated, by,
A few unknowns known.

You know the ninety’s foreign minister
Known as Ouko
Another great known
Whispers! He climaxed the unknown knowns
He knew a lot, they knew he knew
His knowing made him become unkown
Today, known in his grave.

Not long ago, another unknown,
Crispin Adhiambo Mbai,
Until Oranges and Bananas he was little known
Known only to who is who
He is no-longer known to us
His breath flushed out
Who knows? Probably somebody knows who did it.

Recently, just not long ago.
The father of the known Oscar Foundation,
With him, fell a young known scholar- Olulu
Theirs is a different story,
A cry for justice! Elusive though.
How about the incidence, - the Mathira massacre,
Some known masterminded these killings.

And now the millions unknown known
Known only to their fellow unknowns
All known to be victims of few
Who knows!
Uncelebrated heroes and heroines
Engine of the few knowns
Wheel of a nation
You know, to know you have
to be know-to those who know
Unknown knowns, known to few
Known unknowns who we don’t know
And know we know

Copyright (0) Simon Mwangi Muthiora

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