Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hi everyone...! How does it feel to loose your treasured copy of your Un-published work? I lost tenths of my poems (soft copy). My flash disk missing.


My Soul's Conversations; 'I asked my soul'

Did I care too much
Too much that i forgot about Me?
Did I share too much
Too much that I was left without me?
Did pair too much
Too much that the only left partner is me?
Did i stare too much
Too much that my eyes blinded me?
Did I scare too much
Too much that u left me?

SO I told my soul

do care
do share
do pair
dont stare
dont scare
and only bear the rare
so breath in fresh air
and forget their

Lord I always fall shoYou shine a ray of light
I refuse to call it my light
And keep walking in the darkness
You bring a cloud of rain
I refuse to call it my cloud
And keep living in dryness
You send me a guardian angel
I refuse to call him my angel
And I keep walking in the worldly ways
You whisper the word of life
I refuse to uncover my ears
And let death to engulf my life
Oh Lord I always fall short!

Every time sin comes my way
And I always fall its prey
Because long I’ve forgotten to pray
From your path to far away I stray
My heart fills with sins so much it weighs
More and more and more everyday
And my legs get so weak and I sway
Till I fall down and there I stay
My ears hear the fray
Of my three lives white, black and grey
I know this might even slay
Why don’t I choose your heavenly way?
Oh Lord I always fall short!

Lot of times I try to fulfill my needs
It causes me so much greed
Blindly I let this be my lead
And I forget all your Good deeds
Lord your laws I fail to heed
And unto the worldly ways I concede
My heart pains so much until it bleeds
And still in the wrong way I proceed
Thinking that one day I will come to succeed
And you never fail in my heart to plant your seeds
But Lord my sinning chokes them just like the weeds
Oh Lord I always fall short!

All over the world I have restlessly wandered like Cain
Looking for a cure for my endless pain
I have not found anything my heart to sustain
My sins are just tying me up so much like a chain
And why do I keep walking down this lane
Am so tongue tied I can’t even explain
Now I think its time for me to refrain
I need something to purely cleanse my heart stain
I have tried the waters of the rain
But oh Lord I have seen no gain
My God I am ready to join your campaign
Lord to your holy words I say Amen
Oh Lord I always fall short!

Now my heart, God unto you I surrender
Forgive me for all the times your way I followed never
Make my heart so strong and yet tender
And always lord be my only defender
Help me always to beat the devil my contender
Cause my life to gracefully slender
And lord let me not be just a pretender
But a representation of God Forever
Use me lord to change other lives to better
And grant me enough strength for all my endeavors
Don’t let me go for I will fall short
Oh Lord I always fall short!


Quick Reply
To: karuma gitau


  1. This is a great poem, because we all fall short of the glory of God. Yet he forgives us.

    I pray that you will find your poems, I hope you have a hard copy. I once lost a book I was writing the computer crashed taking everything I had. I became incredibly discouraged back then and didn't write again until years later.

    Now I backup my writing with a jump drive and sometimes I email it to myself as an attachment. If you feel discouraged go to my blog I wrote about that on Friday.

  2. I do hope you find your poems and the poem here is very good!


  3. lovely piece....thanks for the follow I will return the luv....
    yes I too have lost poems...2 times now....both time I lose everything.....so discouraging.
    I now try to back up my back ups..LOL

    Keep writing though!!

  4. shairi zuri nimelipenda sana mungu akubariki-tudumishe umoja

  5. @Analisa; I will check out. Thanks alot dear for your kind gesture. I got the hardcopy so all is not lost. may be the ones i had not printed out are about 80. the lest are in print.
    Have to be careful and back up everything i writes.

    Thats kind of you to continue reading my blog. Thanks too for your concern about my lost works but hopefuly i will recover my flash

    @Poetic Inspiration;
    Thanks for been on my blog. We are such a wonderful network.....will be reading and ardently following you too

    You too deserves a mention. i am following several bloggers from Tanzania and i must admit that you are doing great. Corruption as you had written to me through facebook has eaten our countries.
    I have written on corruption though my works on this vise has not gotten good publicity
    i will be posting something soon on corruption.

    it is good to have you visit this blog and read the fine poetry that i continues to feature on this space. i love you all and you are such an inspiration to me.

    keep reading and invitre your friends to TWO HOURS BEFORE

  6. ooh Simo am very sorry for the lose of your files but i believe that u can do more better than those.
    This a good one and i hope we will all have a reflection on our lives and seek God more.

  7. Ma dear,wen u told me that uve lost ya copies, i felt lyk crying coz i know how much those mean to you. U definetly cant survive without them coz they are a part of you. I feel ya pain bt don worry cz everything happens with a purpose.
    For sure, wen somthing is dear to u, u treasure it n it bcomes ya second sweetheart......this i know. If u feel that i might help u with smthin, am always ready to help.........thanks

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  9. I like! Reminds me of this Paramore song, 'My Heart'


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