Friday, September 11, 2009

"Kenya about to burn again" I wrote this poem in mid 2005 several months before the Post Election Violence broke out, Very soon the frame may be back!


Mummy, why are we freezing?
Why is everybody in our village outside?
Why did they do it?
Please mom tell us,
Why did they burn our house?

I heard them tell you to leave
Everyone in our village was forced out,
Why mummy?
Where do we go mummy,
Isn’t this our home?

Are we going to school tomorrow?
What will I tell teacher?
My books
My uniform
All charred!
Will I take my examinations tomorrow!
My lunch box is burnt too mummy.

You said they killed daddy,
Why did daddy and you build on their land?
Or grandpa took their land?
I remember him tell us a story about msongari river
How it was hijacked and
Its cause diverted.

That’s when they killed daddy in the protests
That’s when this village was widowed
I remember grand pa give us the story about
The big battle that orphaned him
We got uhuru though!

Is it really uhuru mummy?
We are shivering in this cold
Our house is gone
They drove away the few cows you had

Why have they changed this fast
A few weeks ago we were playing with their children
We laughed together
Went to the well together
Fetched kuni together
But we are together no more

Mummy, we need msongari river
We need our playground back
We need uhuru mummy!

I am sorry. We got uhuru,
That’s why they want to push us out
It is the vote that has made them hostile

They call us aliens
That is why we are now outside here
They want to see us leave

Daughter, we have to go now
It’s the only option we have
Let us go now
And meet our luck somewhere else
Or face our fate here

This Poem is dedicated to men, women and children in Dafur, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Congo, Tibet, and the rest parts of the world who are suffering in IDP Camps. Not that they deserve to be in that state but because somebody who has no place for mankind has deliberately subjected them to that fate.AUTHOR:MWANGI WA MUTHIORA

During the post election violence in Kenya, life was lost...but why? Will world peace ever be a reality for this nations? when shall our leaders agree to listen and reason? when shall we see each other as one people?

Who got the solution to all this human suffering that our leadership seemingly basks in? Just who shall listen to the "Cries For Justice?"

Copyright © Simon Mwangi Muthiora


  1. This nice work Simon. we are just hoping that our politicians are not going to decide our fate again. we have fought enough for their interests yet this country is moving from one hardship to the other.

    am gonna hang around this space.

  2. Very, very, strong words. I felt every one of them.

  3. Even if we cant fight them bac am sure ya words will make them realise what thy did.instead of them shout from this point to the other why cant thy have tym 4this site n enjoy this poem?4sure if thy can concentrate on this poem am sure thy will surrender n apologize 2 kenyans n answer this bitter questions...."

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. It feels a little petty when I hear of all of the terrible things going on in the world. This is a very powerful poem.


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