Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The War in Sudan Dafur region has left all leaders talking without much action. I resume my Poetry postings with the Love story of Fatima & Lino

The war in Sudan took over twenty(20) years to end, but long after the deal that was signed in Kenya's capital between the North and South, human suffering continues and lifes are lost daily. However, Dafur has never seen the light of the day several years since the power sharing deal.

This made me think about Fatima and Lino. This are characters in my novel and the letter From Dafur is one of the poems and songs in the novel that i hope to finish writing by mid next year.


Dear Fatima,

You are fine I know
I should be telling
You how I am
But first, how is Khartoum?

Peaceful as always I believe,
Running taps and security as usual,
All that real life
Unfortunately, am aware
It’s not all that peaceful
I lost a relative
In the capital, I hear
They said a fatal accident-road

Am dubious thou
What kind of an accident it was
Fatima, my uncle’s death has
Only widened
The gap between us
Heaven and earth has never been that distanced

Look Fatima….
Can’t you see the shame?
See what your people have done
I don’t intend to hurt you
But my heart is already hurt

I was not writing to tell you
About my uncle’s death
It is his death that now threatens our love
He is one person who meant the world to me-us
I adored him

Look Fatima, my love is fading away
Look around you; cast your eyes far and wide
What can you see?
Peace, just peace
Imagine what you have…..
Roads, clean water, decent housing
Your lifestyle is real
Very human

Look again, look at Dafur
Its all cries and wails
Joy is no more
Sorrow is spread all over
Its people are bare and dying
Flattened like an envelope
By your brothers in the North

Do you too like it this way?
Life here is a nightmare
Its is no longer a living but
A mere existence
It is no-longer a hustle but a struggle
The wounds are un-healing

Few days ago, a mass grave was found North of Dafur
Bodies riddled with bullets
All smelling and shouting innocence
A fatal accident it was!

Not long ago,
Our camp was raided
Tenths of women raped
Men mutilated, driven to death traps
Our children battered
Whole generation locked off a future!

Can I say am fine with all this mess
Your brothers have severed our love
I can only say am struggling to love you now

I remember those good old days
When we shared a lecture room
Our-my, dream was cut short
I never knew that it was never my-our, dream
Someone had other ideas
To our hearts

We no-longer hold to our destiny
Your brothers in the North do
My papers are long charred
Masters wasted and projects uncompleted
Today am teaching young children the basics

Your men talk
We die
They talk
We die

Dafur is a land of uncertainty
No haven for sanity
Let me hope you receive this letter
Chances are it disappears in transit
Before yet another accident
Please write back
Let me know how you are doing
I love you, I truly love you
Its only you who can make my face shine
However, each day in Dafur tests my love

I hope the accidents shall come to an end
That I can visit you freely
And dance to the tunes of your sweet whispers
I love you Fatima.

Your love
Lino Mario Bike


  1. oh Simo!!! its such arich package and sometimes we have to learn from what we do to others,,If we would really wish it done to us.
    Dafur can be the many Heart-aches we cause our freinds in the name of Love.
    When shall we ever learn not to be Selfish!!

  2. landing my wings here..

    nice post..

    kinda sad but beautifully written..


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