Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Rain God seem to be 'dumb' in this part of Africa-Kenya. It has been a bad expirience to see polititians bickering about on the face of hunger.

When I met Joseph Kariuki Minai(Author of the following poem) online, he was moved by the news of Kenyans facing starvation in what one would refer to as a well endowed country that boasts expansive tracks of land. Irritating to him is the advert that has been running in major television networks abroad that market kenya as a Tourist hub. Kariuki who now lives and works in Boston poses; "Tourists are now making a funny joke, they wants to visit this country that has animals who are healthy than its people. That is Kenya."


My emotions

Am sick and tired of

My pains, my rugs,

My hunger, my poverty,

My insignificant voice.

Fighting for freedom,

Fighting for food

Fighting for intellectual thirst

Shooting to the wilderness

Searching for peace

My soul wails

Tears from scars hurt

On the outskirts of my abandoned soul

I feel the pain

The discrimation

The unjust laws

I will soar, spread my wings,

Fight till my strength quivers,

I see the victory

For the hopelessness

For orphans, for poor

I will reform their souls

I will celebrate their victories

(C) 2008 Joseph Kariuki
Joseph Kariuki Nai Minai was born in Kiambu Kenya. He was orphaned at a very young age and left to tender for himself barely sixteen. Today he lives and works in Boston USA.


  1. what a touching words.."ooh God help us to have a caring heart n mind those who were left with no one by their side"...if at all we understand its not their wish 2b orphans i think we can live happylly 2gether without pointing at them...instead we smile n help when in need.may God fill the gap which was left by their loved mums' n dads' n heal their fresh wounds in their heart.

  2. All i can do is to thank ma God for being ma go ahead saviour.Lets join hands n help those who r poor n orphans.


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